Новости конкурса ThinkQuest-2000:

Открылся веб-форум для участников конкурса ThinkQuest-2000 из России. К участию в нем приглашаются все желающие обсудить темы образовательных веб-сайтов, найти партнеров по совместной работе. В форуме будут размещаться письма школьников из-за рубежа, которые хотели бы составить команду со школьниками из России. Два таких первых письма мы приводим ниже, первое - от Амира из Египта, второе - от Саломеи из Швейцарии.

1) I'm Amir, one of the members of team 28289 for TQ99 who one the Honorable mentions award ! well.. u told me to send u an email contains the skills we want for our team.. well.. here u r
1.knows CGI well
2.knows javascripting well
3.have any language other than english and chinese's better to be a female.. but it doesn't matter to be a male ! knowing that we are two students with three coaches, and this student we want will be the 3rd and the last student in our team ! about the project, we can do anything else other than programming skills like CGI and javascripting.. our topic is all about two interfering worlds... a minor world living inside a major one.. the atom as the minor world, and the solar system as the major one ! the both have the same general structure of a center with rotating bodies... illustrated with similarities and differences between them .. My name is Amir and my e-mail is

2) Salome Schneider hello! we are two thinkquest-participants from switzerland. we're two girls of 16 years and we are looking for a partner of almost the same age. we have some ideas about our project, but we first want to have a partners. we can speak german, english, french and italian. if you got someone, who is interested, please call us back. greetings salome and sibylle

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